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Dog food choice and DCM

I often try to warn dog owners about the recent findings that grain free and boutique ingredient dog foods have been linked to a fatal heart condition called Dilated Cardiomyopathy or DCM.

What is DCM?

It is heart disease where the heart becomes enlarged and does not function correctly. The lower chamber becomes enlarged it reduces the flow of blood to the lungs and causes fluid accumulation in the lungs. Eventually the heart loses the ability to function and the dog dies from hearth failure.

What are the symptoms?

Lethargy, shortness of breath, excessive breathing, coughing, abdominal dissension, and loss of consciousness. If your dog has any of these symptoms then please get them to a Vet immediately.

How can I protect my dog?

Right now there is no consensus on exactly what ingredients and diets are specifically to blame, but there is consensus on which ones aren't. Dogs fed diets that have feeding trials by the WSAVA have been proven to not cause DCM and to slowly reverse the damage from grain free and exotic foods. Personally I recommend Purina Pro Plan Sport for all my puppies and any bird dog owners. It works extremely well for us after exhaustive testing, its given us better coats, better stools, and amazing energy.

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