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Puppy Purchase Process

The decision to purchase a new puppy and the act of reaching out to a breeder that you don't know can be daunting and intimidating. I am here to walk you through our process and hopefully alleviate some of those concerns. I once read in a book that there is as much variation in personality in each litter as their is within breeds and I find that to be very true. Some puppies will be highly driven, instinctive hunters and some puppies will be couch potatoes that their only goal in life is to steal the food off your counter and everything in between. What we do here at Evocati Ranch is try to match puppies based on temperament in order to ensure the best fit for the puppy and for you. 

What this looks like on a practical level is we will take contact information ahead of the litter, your name, email and a good phone number to build up a list of interested people ahead of time. Our "Interest List". We will always keep the facebook page updated first about any plans, or breeding news including pregnancies and puppy counts. We typically wait to reach out to individuals on our Interest List via email until our puppies are approximately 2 weeks old due to the level of care and attention newborn puppies need. 

The next step in the process is a phone interview. We cover topics relating to the environment the puppy will be living in, gender preferences, what a puppies day to day life will look like for temperament matching. Other questions covered include: Have you ever had a puppy before, what, if any, other pet's are in the household, have you had an Irish Setter before, why are you interested in the breed, and how active is your lifestyle.

The other half of the phone call is for you to ask us any questions that you may have. We are happy to answer any, and can talk about the health testing, temperament of the parents and what the joy of owning an Irish Setter is like.

If we agree that a puppy from this litter would be a great fit we would then do a deposit. This is typically $300 via Venmo or Zelle. This will secure you a puppy of the discussed gender from that specific litter. 

At 5 weeks old we assign puppies to their bit homes. At two weeks we can get an inkling what they will be like, but they really need a chance to grow up a bit and fully come into their little personalities for final placings. They really start showing their inclinations at 4 weeks so that gives us a little time to get to know them to find the perfect match. 

All the while that the puppies are growing we will at a minimum be doing weekly pictures or a video so you can see and stay up to date with how they are maturing. All our litters get a theme, and a litter name. For Example we had the Mario litter in 2023 and Yoshi was one of the puppies from that litter. We have previously done WoW, Civ6 Leaders, Game Of Thrones, and Soda Pop.


Once the puppy is assigned we consider it yours. We are happy to stay in touch via text, email and phone with updates or any questions. We also start to discuss pickup or delivery options for you. Once the puppy is 8 weeks old they can be picked up. The remainder of the purchase price is due in cash on pickup(or delivery). There is a contract that we use to be signed in person. Each puppy will have at least one set of shot's, deworming, Advantage 2 Flea treatment applied. They will also come with a collar and leash, blanket that smells of mom and a toy. 

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