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Retired Dogs


Titus is from a small breeder on the southern California coast. Hes a very fun loving dog, and very much enjoys play time and training in the field. He loves our horses and is a very velcro dog.


Cherry was born here in September of 2016. She was from Shleby x Riley. She is a super sweet girl, very fun and full of love. She is very intense in the field, and is very driven. Shes loves long walks in the woods and getting her head pet.


Kiwi is a Golden Retriever and our oldest girl born in 2014. Kiwi is trained to do nose working including narcotics detection and scent trailing for wilderness search and rescue. Shes incredibly smart, a real problem, and gets a very intense focus when shes working. At home shes a velcro dog, very clingy and she loves to just lounge with us and the kitties.


Shelby came to us in 2016  from another breeder. She is super sweet, very mellow and very frollicky. She wasnt very intense in the field but did have a nose for it and treated her time in the field as a game. She now lives with a friend of ours.

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