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Born Saturday night 3-23 we had 3 boys and 2 girls! Cherry is a maiden mother but she did incredibly well. She started labor at about 8pm and gave birth to her 10th at just before midnight, and incredible pace. It was pretty much without incident, only one puppy had a very short umbilical cord that needed to be helped but other than that they were all natural.

The puppies are from Cherry x Titus. Cherry is bred by us, a Shelby x Reilly puppy. Titus is from a breeder on the California Coast. Cherry is a very sweet girl, loves her ear scratches, and thinks she is a lap dog. She steals my socks and hides them in her crate, I often joke that larceny is in the breed standard. Titus is still young but is shaping up very well, hes a bundle of spunk and energy. He is everyone's friend, human, dog, or horse, even after being kicked by a horse he still loves them. Both are hunters, its why im in the breed, they are both steady, honor a point, and not gun shy. Cherry is going through scent work training and is already shaping up well there, Titus is still working on obedience and off leash manners. Both are competent hunters with the kind of working drive that can be channeled into any number of tasks, but they shine in a field.

Ill keep this gallery updated as they grow up. If you're interested in one of our puppies I will list my questionnaire down below the picture

Puppies first outside visit.

The puppies are now big enough to regulate their own body temps, and the temps are moderate enough that they got to have their first outside adventures.

I place puppies as a temperament and use fit. If you want a pet dog that is laid back I will place a calmer puppy with you, if you want a hunting companion I will get the dog that has drive. I have some very basic questions I ask all buyers to figure out the best fit for them.

1: What is your experience with Irish Setters? Gun dogs in general? What got you into this breed? Basically why do you want an Irish Setter?

2: Do you have a fenced yard they can play in?

3. What are you looking for in a dog? What sex, what personality?

4.Do you plan to hunt or train your dog? Do you have plans for any activities?

5. What other dogs and pets do you have?

Responces to these  questions can be made via email:

or via phone (email me for my number).

Price is $1300. This includes Full AKC registration, microchips, first shots and a veterinarian health check. Delivery is available on the entire west coast, were on the California and Oregon border and can deliver all of California, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada.

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